Billionaire Huntsman Sr., Not Helping Much, Yet

GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is not exactly surging in the polls. There are reports however that Super PAC “Our Destiny” is making significant advertising buys in New Hampshire on his behalf, in what appears to a last ditch effort to rescue his campaign. “Our Destiny” is supported by several wealthy backers, including the candidate’s father, billionaire, Jon Huntsman Sr.

The New York Times reports:

The move is the result of an emotionally fraught, behind-the-scenes drama over whether Mr. Huntsman’s father, the founder of Huntsman Chemicals, Jon M. Huntsman Sr., will come to the rescue of his son’s financially depleted campaign by dumping millions more into the PAC so it can do what Mr. Huntsman’s team cannot afford to: deluge the airwaves with advertisements calling attention to a candidacy his team still believes can catch fire, if it only had the money to light it.

The Times cites “several people familiar with the situation” who said

His father, on the other hand, they said, has been unwilling to do so without being asked, especially given the uncertainty of whether the investment would make a huge difference.

Huntsman Sr.’s Huntsman Container Corp. is credited with creating
the Big Mac “clamshell” container. Huntsman Sr.has also (according to Forbes) donated $1.2 billion to charity, over the course of his lifetime.

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