Billionaire Sheikh Buys Huge Man City Win Over Man U.

Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyhan, AKA Sheikh Mansour, is the half brother of the Emir of United Arab Emirates, Khafila bin Zayed. Mansour bought the Manchester City Football Club in 2008, when the team was, to put politely, down on its heels. Manchester United, on the other hand,was considered to be among the most elite football (soccer) teams in the world.

Sheikh Mansour’s oil wealth has pumped up the fortunes of Man City, to point where they crushed Manchester United in their last match by a score of 6-1. (Imagine The Mets going to the World Series and sweeping the Yankees. That’s less mind boggling than what took place in Manchester.

In his recent Globalpost piece, Mike Goldfarb attempts to explain why an Arab billionaire would even want to buy even good English Football team, much less a fixer-upper like Man City.

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