Branson Challenged. Why Not Sell Heroin in Super Markets?

From the Daily Telegraph

“>Richard Branson Urges MPs to Decriminalize Drugs

Richard Branson Urges MPs to Decriminalize Drugs

The Virgin boss told MPs the UK should follow the model of Switzerland or Portugal, where more lenient laws on drugs have “cut heroin use, HIV infection and violence”.
Giving evidence to the Home Affairs Committee, Sir Richard said current policies are not working and drugs should be regulated, rather than criminalised.

Peter Hitchens, writing in the Daily Mail, was unimpressed with Sir Richard’s logic, or for that matter, with Sir Richard period.

He wrote

Sir Richard Branson says he doesn’t want to see drugs sold in supermarkets. Why not? That is the logic of his opinions, and I can’t see why he won’t just say so. Is he afraid it will damage his funky brand?
If you don’t believe these substances are immoral, disgusting and dangerous then why not just let rip?
But ‘Sir’ Richard doesn’t seem to disapprove. He freely confesses to having taken several of them, though curiously he only ‘suspects’ he has sampled cocaine.
I have no respect at all for this absurd, overrated person, who in my opinion knows almost nothing about anything, except perhaps getting people to part with their money. Even then the record is patchy.

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