Branson on Steve Jobs. “Completely Different From Me.”

Branson Criticizes Steve Jobs, but Admires Him

Branson Criticizes Steve Jobs, but Admires Hi

Richard Branson, billionaire head of Virgin Group, did an interview recently with Brazil’s Exame. The interview was published on today. In the interview, Branson talks about how “criticizing people is counter-productive”.

This was in response to the question “How do you react when people make mistakes?”

He went on to say, ‘A good leader is someone who praises a person for his or her best efforts, not someone who criticizes. People know when they make mistakes. Of course, sometimes I just can’t resist and end up saying something, but never more than once. The secret of success is finding good people.”

When asked “Who do you admire in the business world?” he responded, “I admired Steve Jobs, although he was completely different from me. He used to shout at employees that made mistakes. He did not delegate much, and broke all the rules I believe in. Somehow it worked for him. Apple is one the best brands in the world.”

Then Branson said, “The person that I respect most in the world is Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He and Nelson Mandela came to power in South Africa, and forgave white people for the atrocities they had committed during the apartheid era. That was a great lesson on how to forgive our enemies and move on.”

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