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Gates, Buffett, Turner; Generous, but Not Top 50

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Ted Turner, are conspicuously absent from the just released, Philanthropy 50, a list of the fifty most generous Americans published by However, the aforementioned billionaires did not exhibit totally scrooge-like behavior in 2011. explains

Some of America’s biggest charitable donors don’t appear on the current Philanthropy 50 even though they were still writing big checks to charity. The list doesn’t include people who are paying off pledges made in previous years, and in 2011 several of the nation’s big donors were busy making payments, not new commitments. Among those philanthropists are Warren E. Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Ted Turner.

Buffett honored a prior pledge (2006) to donate shares of his Berkshire Hathaway to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The value of the shares that Buffett donated in 2011 was nearly $1.5 billion.

In 2004 Bill and Melinda Gates pledged $3.3 billion to their foundation. In 2011 they contributed $67.9 million. According to “The couple has paid a total of more than $2.8-billion toward their 2004 commitment and have about $500-million remaining to pay on that pledge.” also reported that Ted Turner continues to make good on his previous pledge.

Another big donor, Mr. Turner, gave $50-million to the United Nations Foundation and the Better World Fund in 2011. Mr. Turner made the donation through his Turner Global Foundation, which was established in 2004. The grant was payment toward a $1-billion pledge the philanthropist made in 1997 to establish the United Nations Foundation and the Better World Fund.
To date, the media mogul has paid slightly more than $900-million toward the pledge.

The late Margaret A. Cargill topped the list with a contribution valued at close to $6 billion. Click here to read how the Cargill Corp.’s sale of its huge position in Fertilizer giant Mosaic Corp. resulted in a windfall for Ms. Cargill’s charities.

The late William S. Dietrich II was “runner-up” on’s list. Dietrich, who died in October of 2011, donated about a $500 million to various causes, the largest of which was Carnegie Mellon University.

Among the living, Microsoft co-founder and Seattle sports franchise owner, Paul Allen, was the most generous American. Allen reached into his deep pockets for $372.6 million in new donations. Most of his charitable giving went to The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, which supports arts and culture.

George Soros took the fourth slot. Some would argue that the $335 million Soros donatated to the Open Society Foundations is anything but a charitable contribution. Open Society describes itself as follows

The Open Society Institute works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. To achieve its mission, OSI seeks to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. On a local level, OSI implements a range of initiatives to advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. At the same time, OSI builds alliances across borders and continents on issues such as corruption and freedom of information. OSI places a high priority on protecting and improving the lives of people in marginalized communities.

However, Ron Arnold who is Executive Vice-President of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, views Open Society somewhat differently. He publishes a blog called Arnold wrote this about Soros’s Open Society

A global network of dozens of Soros entities that have paid millions to overthrow governments in the Soviet Union, Serbia, Georgia, and the United States. The American agenda of Soros foundations has little system and is more a hodge-podge of Soros’ personal interests, which tend to be leftist provocations more than steady programs. His personal attitudes about America are very negative and he regards capitalism to be the major threat to the world, as he once regarded communism to be. Soros makes no secret of his beliefs: he has written several books including “The Bubble of American Supremacy” and “Reforming Global Capitalism.” The man who made it big because of America and capitalism now hates both and seeks to destroy them.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg rounds out the list of the five most generous Americans. As might be expected of a successful politician,
Hizzoner’s gifts were considerably less controversial than Mr. Soros’s. According to

Mr. Bloomberg, 69, gave a total of nearly $311.3-million to 1,185 nonprofits that support the arts, human services, public affairs, and other causes.

The famous, or infamous (depending on your point of view) Koch Brothers, Charles and David, failed to make this year’s Philanthropy 50. Their less famous (and much less wealthy) brother William was ranked #23. Charles and David Koch are ranked by Forbes as the 4th and 5th richest Americans, with each having a net worth of $25 billion. Black sheep William Koch is only worth $4 billion. also notes that David Koch (William’s twin brother) has made their list four times since 2006.

The Walmart Waltons, Christy, Jim and Alice, who are ranked 6th, 9th and 10th on The Forbes List, with a combined net worth of $66 billion; also failed to make The Philanthropy 50.

Job vs. Gates Ancient History . Now It’s Zuckerberg vs. Page

Not that Zuckerberg and Facebook needed the big cash infusion from the IPO to compete with Google, Facebook’s been trying to eat Google’s lunch for a few years. Now with its war chest enhanced by several billion dollars of stock holders’ money the skirmishes between the two internet giants will seem like little shoving matches, compared to what we’re going to see. Photo Source CNET

zuckerberg vs page it's on!

zuckerberg vs page it's on!

CNET offers a summary of the little battles betore the big wars.

  • Google launches Google+.
  • Google then integrates Google+ with its search
  • Facebook is teamed with Bing
  • Both companies have mobile ambitions.
  • Google is search. Facebook is social graphs
  • Does anyone doubt that Google and Facebook will be in court at some point?

Read more about Zuckerberg vs. Page, Facebook vs. Google

Zuckerberg and Page, same side on SOPA

Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg are Now Comic Book Heroes

Facebook Sues Zuckerberg

T. Boone Pickens And Cowboy Athletics Sue Over “Charitable” Life …

t. boone pickens – Blog

via T. Boone Pickens And Cowboy Athletics Sue Over "Charitable" Life ….

$16 Mil. Business Divorce Cheap Compared to Perelman Wives

Ellen Barkin Ron Perelman Divorce

Ellen Barkin Sues Ron Pferelman for Divorce 2006

Reuters reports: Photo Source New York Magazine

NEW YORK, Jan 24 (Reuters) – Renowned New York dealmaker Donald Drapkin believed he was “going to get screwed” after he left the employment of his former business partner and friend, Ron Perelman, Drapkin testified on Tuesday.
That’s why, Drapkin said, he sued Perelman’s holding company in 2009 seeking unpaid compensation, starting a round of litigation between two of New York’s best-known dealmakers.

Now it’s Drapkin’s turned to be sued. He told a jury in New York yesterday, “I just realized I was going to get screwed so I had no choice but to bring a lawsuit,”. Drapkin is the defendant in MacAndrews & Forbes LLC v. Drapkin in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, no. 09-04513.

MacAndrews & Forbes is the holding company of Billionaire Ronald Perelman, who according to Forbes, has a net worth of $12 billion and is also the 12th richest American.

Steven Kobre, a lawyer for MacAndrews & Forbes, told jurors in his opening statement that the firm paid Drapkin millions of dollars when he left in 2007. It also agreed to pay him millions more if he promised not to induce other employees to quit and to return all company documents.
“Mr. Drapkin willfully disregarded his obligations,” Kobre said.
According to Kobre, Drapkin tried to encourage Eric Rose, a surgeon who was executive vice president of life sciences, to leave MacAndrews & Forbes. Drapkin and his personal assistant also kept thousands of documents on a company computer given to them when they left.
“Mr. Drapkin didn’t live up to his promises,” Kobre said.

Last week The New York Time described the dispute as “Another Bitter Divorce for Perelman” The Times was alluding to Perelman’s four divorces from his prior wives.

In January of 2010, Bloomberg reported that Perelman was ordered to pay his most famous wife, actress and former bombshell Ellen Barkin, $3.4 million, plus $1 million in interest.

The money was to go to “Barkin’s Applehead Pictures LLC, after she claimed in a suit he reneged on a promise to invest in her production company.”

The $4.3 million Perelman was ordered to pay, is a relatively small amount compared to what his marriage to Barkin cost him, as well their subsequent divorce.

Barkin sued for divorce in 2006. New York Magazine had a cover story that detailed the events leading up to the widely and wildly publicized separation.

This year was different. Something was plainly wrong. Ellen Barkin, the feisty, flop-mouthed actress and Perelman’s wife of five years, was not at Perelman’s side at midnight. Later, she would tell friends she was trying to stay as far away from him as possible. The night before, she had told them, she and Perelman had had a particularly brutal fight, their worst ever. Read more about Ellen Barkin-Ronald Perelman Divorce New York Magazine

The same issue of New York Magazine detailed the costs of Perelman’s three previous divorces. The Magazine reported that the aggregate cost of Perelman’s three prior marriages was $118 million.

In January of 2010, Huffington Post reported that the couple had finally arrived at a settlement. According to Huffington,
When they divorced, Barkin received a settlement that

Perelman’s spokeswoman has described as “enormous” but declined to quantify. Barkin also sold off jewelry Perelman gave her at an auction that fetched more than $20 million; she told an interviewer the pieces were “not memories I want to wear out every day.”

New York Magazine had previously estimated the settlement to be $60 million.

More recently Barkin has shifted her attention to the much poorer, but considerably younger and better looking Sam Levinson.

In November of 2011, The New York Post reported

Super-cougar Ellen Barkin seems to have won over the parents of her 26-year-old boyfriend, Sam Levinson. Sources say filmmaker Barry Levinson and his wife, Diana Rhodes, were “initially wary” of the actress, 57, who made her debut in Barry’s 1982 movie “Diner.” Sam celebrated his latest, “Another Happy Day,” a film that Barkin produced and stars in about a dysfunctional family that feuds on a wedding day, with her and his own family at the Boom Boom Room on Monday. Barkin plays the matriarch “Lynn,” a character inspired by Sam’s mother, Rhodes. “Barry and Diana totally accept and embrace their son’s relationship with Ellen because she has done so much for him and his career,” a source said.

Just last week, (Oh No They Didn’t) “reported” that Barkin would neither “confirm nor deny her relationship” with Levinson. However, there is no denying that Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson like to be photographed together. Photo source Huffington Post, read more Ellen Barkin dating Sam Levinson

Ellen Bakin and Sam Levinson Dating

Ellen Bakin and Sam Levinson Dating

Photo Source ONDT

Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson 31 years difference

Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson 31 years difference

Uber couger Ellen Barkin Gets Serious with Sam Levinson only 31 years younger

Uber couger Ellen Barkin Gets Serious with Sam Levinson only 31 years younger

Photo Source Radaronline

Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg are Now Comic Book Heroes

When he already has more money than God, what else can a Billionaire tech tycoon look forward to? How about being immortalized in comic book form? This week, from his Wifi hotspot in the sky, the late Steve Jobs got to see the release of Blue Water Productions’ comic book biography of his life. Click here to watch video about Steve Jobs Comic Book

Steve Jobs Comic Book

Steve Jobs Comic Book

Jobs joins Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose comic book life story was released in February of 2011. Click here to read more about Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book

Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book

Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book

Blue Water’s release of the Steve Jobs comic coincided with their announcement that they would be completing the trilogy with a Bill Gates comic book biograrphy, scheduled to hit book stores, comic book shops, and news stands, in March of this year.

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