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Billionaire Roman Abramowich £5million New Years Bash

Among other things, Russian Billionaire Abramowich

  • Made $billons on allegedly sleazy oil deals in “the old country”
  • Is being sued for $billions by his mentor, former partner, accused murderer, and fellow Russian Billionaire Boris Berezovsky
  • Owns the Chelsea Football Club (known by rival clubs as “Chelski”)
  • Oversees a vast web of investments

And yet somehow he found the time to host a New Years Eve “event” that dinged his petty cash drawer to the tune of £5million. The party was held at Abramowich’s “place” in St. Barts. Guests were entertained by
the musical stylings of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Abramowich New Years Party

Abramowich New Years Party

The Daily Mail noted a preponderance of rich old guys escorting much younger (some even attractive) women.

Among them was media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, 80, and wife Wendi, 43; music mogul Russell Simmons, 54, and actress girlfriend Melissa George, 35; film producer Harvey Weinstein, 59, and fashion designer wife Georgina Champman,35; and George Lucas, 67, and his partner Mellody Hobson, 42.