Chinese Billionaire Eats Poisoned Cat Meat and Dies

Chinese Billionaire Eats Poisoned Cat Meat Hotpot and Dies

Chinese Billionaire Eats Poisoned Cat Meat Hotpot and Dies

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Chinese Billionaire Long Liyuan died on Dec. 23, 2011, after enjoying a hot pot made with, among other things, cat meat. Later, Police detained Huang Guang, a local forestry official. They believe that Guang “spiked” Liyuan’s stew with gelsemium elegans, a poisonous flowering plant native to China. According to The

Long and Huang had met for lunch to discuss a business contract. Long, who ran a forestry company in Guangdong, wanted to lease a piece of woodland and develop it, the Nanfang Daily, the mouthpiece of the Guangdong Communist Party, reported Tuesday.

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According to The Telegraph,

The fondness for eating dogs in northern China is well known, but cats are also prized in the country’s south. One of the most famous Cantonese dishes is “Tiger and Dragon locked in Battle”, in which the flavours of cat and snake vie for attention.

The Cantonese appetite has already made cats scarce and expensive in Guangdong itself, forcing restaurants to look elsewhere for a steady supply. Nanjing, with its excellent transport links and central position in China, has emerged as the hub of cat trading.

“Because of the bad economy, more and more people have turned to cat-snatching. You don’t need to be skilled – you just bait a box with some meat and wait.
“It happens all over Nanjing. There is nothing illegal about taking cats. If you try and call the police, they will not help you. You can take cats with collars without any problems.”

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