Ecclestone will bring Formula 1 racing to New Jersey

Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone is bringing Formula 1 racing to the Palisades Cliffs, starting in 2013. NJ Governer Chris Christie said “The race will be a 3.2-mile road race, run on existing roads through Port Imperial and at the top of the Palisades in Weehawken and West New York. Up to 100,000 people are expected to attend each race, starting with practice Friday, qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday.”

Ecclestone, now 80 years old, is the president and CEO of Formula 1 management. He is considered to be one of the most powerful men in the business and sport of car racing.

Ecclestone also co-owns the Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

He started his business careeer after WWII by trading spare parts for motorcycles. Ecclestone competed in a few races, but gave it up after a serious accident in 1951.

He went on to make a fortune in real estate and finance, but has also stayed involved in racing throughout most of his career. Forbes estimates his net worth at 4.0 billion.

Ecclestone is not quite 5”3” tall. He was married to Croatian born model Slavica Ecclestone. She is 6’2” tall. She’s also 28 years younger than he is. They were divorced in 2008. The Ecclestones have two daughters, Tamara and Petra.

In June The Wall Street Journal reported that 22 year old Petra Ecclestone was buying a 57,000 square foot Los Angeles Mansion that had been built by TV producer Aaron Spelling. The WSJ described the home, known as “The Manor”, as “the highest priced home in the U.S.”

Petra Ecclestone Mansion

Most Expensive Home in U.S. Sold to Billionaire Heiress Petra Ecclestone

The billionaire’s other daughter, 27 year old Tamara, shown here in The Daily Mail, is “is keen for fans to know her as Tamara Ecclestone rather than Bernie’s daughter”. This is what a rich beautiful heiress looks like when she rolls around naked in a bed full of £50 notes. (a £million worth).

Tamara Ecclestone

Billionaire Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Nude in Bed in with £1million

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