Facebook is suing Mark Zuckerberg, Seriously

As the LA Times notes – – “No, this is not a headline ripped from the Onion”. Facebook is not suing its Gazillionaire founder. The Mark Zuckerberg they’re going afer, is an Israeli who was formerly known as Rotem Guez.

The not-the-guy-who-owns-Facebook Zuckerberg had a pretty successful “Like Store”. If an advertiser wanted instant fans they could buy them from Guez’s “Like Store”. \\
Well Facebook didn’t like Guez’s “Like Store”, so they shut it down.

So Guez changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg, and then Facebook sued him. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg. not-the-guy-who-owns-Facebook Zuckerberg, at least for now, has a Facebook page with 3,000 likes!

Facebook Suing Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Suing Mark Zuckerberg

Click here to see the not-the-guy-who-owns-Facebook Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. (Hope the link still works.)

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