Job vs. Gates Ancient History . Now It’s Zuckerberg vs. Page

Not that Zuckerberg and Facebook needed the big cash infusion from the IPO to compete with Google, Facebook’s been trying to eat Google’s lunch for a few years. Now with its war chest enhanced by several billion dollars of stock holders’ money the skirmishes between the two internet giants will seem like little shoving matches, compared to what we’re going to see. Photo Source CNET

zuckerberg vs page it's on!

zuckerberg vs page it's on!

CNET offers a summary of the little battles betore the big wars.

  • Google launches Google+.
  • Google then integrates Google+ with its search
  • Facebook is teamed with Bing
  • Both companies have mobile ambitions.
  • Google is search. Facebook is social graphs
  • Does anyone doubt that Google and Facebook will be in court at some point?

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