Not All Billionaires Are Pigs. Some Are Very Generous, but…

Education and medical research are the leading beneficiaries of the big time philanthropists, who not surprisingly are also among the world’s richest people. Take a look at Business Insiders’ Profile of The Very Rich who “Use Their Money To Help The World”.

Then ponder this. Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million of his $17.5 billion. (That’s what it was a few days ago when the article posted. It’s probably up by a $billion or two since then.) A little more than a half of one percent of his net worth went into the collection plate. Wow! This guy’s a real saint.

For a family with a net worth of $100K, half of one percent would be $500. Based on the chart below (Granted, the survey is from 2000. Things might be different now), folks with net worths of $100K or even less, could be averaging as much or more than $500 for annual giving.

Bottom line — It’s nice that Zuck gave $100 million to charity, but let’s not get carried away.


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