Open Letter to Jeff Bezos: What! No Gmail on Kindle Fire?

Greg Knieriemen, in TheRegister, has an open letter to Jeff Bezos, complaining that he could not install Gmail, or any other Google Apps on his new Kindle Fire. To be fair (sort of) he mentions that “The Yahoo Mail app is on the Amazon App Store (and for the ten users still on Yahoo this is a nice app)”

This all came as a bit as shock, since the Kindle Fire runs “a flavor” of Google’s Android operating system and Knieriemen incorrectly assumed that it would run all the Google Apps.

Knieriemen thought he was home free when he learned that you could sideload apps that were not in the Amazon App Store, but he was still denied entrance to the “Promised Land”, and could not get Gmail to run on his Kindle Fire.

This is something of a mystery, as Knieriemen points out, that he was able to sideload and run the Nook app, and “Other competitive services like Netflix and Hulu are directly available on the Amazon App Store.”.

Knieriemen offers no further enlightenment as to why Google Apps won’t run on the Kindle Fire, but he does document how he remedied the incompatibility issue. He returned his to the store.

As an honorary Missourian, I felt compelled to do further “research”. ( Yeah, I looked on Google. What do you think, I went to the library?) Knieriemen’s open letter incidentally, comes up 3rd out of 1,380,000 hits when you type in “How to run Gmail on Kindle Fire”. (At least today it does.)

Then a couple listings below the letter to Bezos, there’s this link telling you How To Root Your Kindle Fire.

Once you’ve rooted it, you will be able to install the real Android Market, from which you can get all your favorite Google Apps, including Gmail. Be aware that rooting devices is not for the technologically squeamish, and it could damage your device, and might also to void your warranty. Okay, you’ve been warned, knock yourself out!

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