Branson Challenged. Why Not Sell Heroin in Super Markets?

From the Daily Telegraph

“>Richard Branson Urges MPs to Decriminalize Drugs

Richard Branson Urges MPs to Decriminalize Drugs

The Virgin boss told MPs the UK should follow the model of Switzerland or Portugal, where more lenient laws on drugs have “cut heroin use, HIV infection and violence”.
Giving evidence to the Home Affairs Committee, Sir Richard said current policies are not working and drugs should be regulated, rather than criminalised.

Peter Hitchens, writing in the Daily Mail, was unimpressed with Sir Richard’s logic, or for that matter, with Sir Richard period.

He wrote

Sir Richard Branson says he doesn’t want to see drugs sold in supermarkets. Why not? That is the logic of his opinions, and I can’t see why he won’t just say so. Is he afraid it will damage his funky brand?
If you don’t believe these substances are immoral, disgusting and dangerous then why not just let rip?
But ‘Sir’ Richard doesn’t seem to disapprove. He freely confesses to having taken several of them, though curiously he only ‘suspects’ he has sampled cocaine.
I have no respect at all for this absurd, overrated person, who in my opinion knows almost nothing about anything, except perhaps getting people to part with their money. Even then the record is patchy.

Click here to Read Peter Hitchens full trashing of Richard Branson here.

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Job vs. Gates Ancient History . Now It’s Zuckerberg vs. Page

Not that Zuckerberg and Facebook needed the big cash infusion from the IPO to compete with Google, Facebook’s been trying to eat Google’s lunch for a few years. Now with its war chest enhanced by several billion dollars of stock holders’ money the skirmishes between the two internet giants will seem like little shoving matches, compared to what we’re going to see. Photo Source CNET

zuckerberg vs page it's on!

zuckerberg vs page it's on!

CNET offers a summary of the little battles betore the big wars.

  • Google launches Google+.
  • Google then integrates Google+ with its search
  • Facebook is teamed with Bing
  • Both companies have mobile ambitions.
  • Google is search. Facebook is social graphs
  • Does anyone doubt that Google and Facebook will be in court at some point?

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T. Boone Pickens And Cowboy Athletics Sue Over “Charitable” Life …

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Says Buffett “The Tortoise, Not The Hair”

Comparing Warren Buffett to “The tortoise, not the hair”, Greg Cavana in Money Morning Australia was citing The Oracle of Omaha’s increased investment in Britain’s largest supermarket chain, Tesco.

On January 19, The Guardian reported that

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm increased its stake in the world’s third biggest retailer from 3.21% to 5.08%, a regulatory filing showed on Thursday . Dated 13 January, the filing came a day after Tesco warned that trading profit for 2012/13 would be flat as the firm stepped up investment in its home market following its worst underlying Christmas sales performance for decades.

On January 18,Tesco’s stock closed at 14.02. As recently as Oct 27, 2011, the stock reached a high of 17.54.

Cavana describes Buffett as “the ultimate tortoise”, he wrote

This approach is what sets Warren Buffett apart from 99.9 per cent of investors. After investing in a company for 5 years, with the stock price going nowhere, most investors would ‘throw in the towel’ and sell after a profit downgrade and 16 per cent price plunge.

It’s the emotion of it all. We’re fixated on price. If the price is not doing what we want (moving steadily higher) we get restless. Sharp price movements invite an emotional response.

This is Warren Buffett’s strength. He avoids the emotional response because he focuses on the business not the stock price. Business value (and therefore share price value) is hard to grasp. It’s subjective. And you have to believe that in the long run value will always rise to the top. You just don’t know how long the long run really is.

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Trump Knows Obama Got Bad Grades ‘Cause “I’ve been told”

Donald Trump told Greta Van Sustern on Fox News last night, “If you ask any question or criticize the president, it’s always racist, no matter what. If you said how come he doesn’t reveal his marks in school, was he a bad student? The answer is yes. Because I’ve been told. If you say that you’re a racist.”

Prokhorov Running for Prez of Russia Makes Mitt Seem Poor

You think Mitt Romney makes a lot of money? Check out this presidential candidate; Mikhael Prokhorov.

Okay, he’s running for President of Russia; but that’s a big country country too.(Land mass 1.74 times larger than the one that Romney wants to president of.)

Just like his rich American counterpart, Prokhorov recently submitted a financial statement. So let’s compare.

In 2010 Romney reported income of $21.6 million. That’s not bad. I’d swap 1040’s with him. Then again, candidate Prokhorov did even better. In the last four years he made $3.12 billion. (According to

That would be more.

Sure, we’re not comparing apples to apples. Prokhorov took four years to make his billions, but c’mon. If Prokhorov and Romney both win, the U.S. will only have the second richest president. Photo Source

Billionaire Prokhorov Runs for President of Russia Made $3.2 billion in four years

Billionaire Prokhorov Runs for President of Russia Made $3.2 billion in four years

Of course it’s no slam dunk that Prokhorov will win, even if he does own the New Jersey Nets (NBA Basketball). He’s running against a guy named Vladimir Putin. Putin can’t go one on one against Prokhorov’s personal wealth, but in the game of politics, the Russian Prime Minister can. and will. throw an elbow as well as hard as anybody.

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