Steve Jobs College Pal “Toxic” Bob Friedland, Also Worth $Billions

Australia’s Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum recently awarded Robert Friedman Dealmaker of the Year honors. Friedman is CEO of Ivanhoe Mines. With an alleged net work of $2.8 billion, Forbes has him at #130 on their U.S. list, and #323 Worldwide

More recently, Friedman’s name has been popping up on the web because of his relationship with Steve Jobs. According to Business Insider, Jobs and Friedman attended Reed College together. Friedman was a parolee from Federal Prison, after he was busted with a stash of 24,000 hits of LSD. (Supposedly, the two met while Friedman was having sex with his girlfriend.)

According to, Jobs came up with idea of naming his computer company “Apple” after living on Friedland’s commune which was located on an apple orchard.

There is a dark side to Friedman’s career. He came to be known as “”Toxic Bob” after an enormous cyanide spill at his gold mine in Summitville, Colorado in 1993. The spill has been described at the worst spill in U.S. history.

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